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Garden Wood Work

Garden Seat Pagoda Poole

Pergola, Pagoda, Arches and Seats

Garden structures are a great way to add height to your garden and provide a pleasant area in which to relax and enjoy the space. Plants can be strategically placed to climb over them. They can be used to encourage you through to deeper parts of larger gardens and can highlight plants and frame your favourite views.

Children’s Play Areas

Childrens Play Area

Slides, Swings, Trampolines, etc

For the surface in your play area, some options could be paved or decked, we could use play bark or we could lay a rubber safety play surface. It's specifically design for play areas and is made from coloured recycled rubber shreds mixed with a glue can be laid in shapes or letters. It provides the added benefit of coming with a bounce grade meaning it's approved for falling on.

Tree Work

Tree Work

Trimming, Pruning and Felling

Some trees are protected by legislation, and it is essential that you establish the legal status of trees prior to carrying out works to them. Unauthorised work to protected trees could lead to prosecution, resulting in enforcement action such as fines or a criminal record. Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions, Felling Licences or Restrictive Covenants legally protect many trees in the UK.

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